Creating Social Impact at work and magic at play: Meet Santiago @ChangeNOW

“Each industry has its own international annual convention. It’s about time impact has its own.”

With less than 3 months for ChangNOW’s debut conference, the first ever Summit at the happening Station F in Paris, Santiago beams with excitement while talking to ‘SSUP about his vision to create an ecosystem for changemakers across the globe, providing them with a support system to flourish.

Santiago Lefebvre is an ex-banker, entrepreneur, INSEAD 15J Alum, business coach and magician (in his free time). His passion to create the first ever Tech For Good Summit is contagious and we join him in counting days down to watch the next unicorn emerge from the social impact sector.

We picked his brain for advice for our aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Never start alone, there are more bad days than good in the beginning and you need a pick me up
  • Execute more, analyze less, go out, talk to people, test your assumptions and pivot quickly
  • Don’t worry too much about your idea getting stolen, if it’s too revolutionary, others will be scared to do it; if it’s evolutionary, chances are someone is already thinking it, act fast!


Spread the word for #techforgood. If you’re in Paris, swing by the ChangeNOW Summit on 29th-30th September and check out for more information.

Stay tuned, #SsupInsead

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