What is ‘SSUP!?

‘SSUP! is a INSEAD MBA student-led (ad)venture that aims to explore the top entrepreneurial hot-spots around Europe and Asia, to interview founders, angels and VCs – to liven-up the student-founder-investor network and also gain on-the-ground, local insights. We are keen to meet as many inspiring, ambitious individuals as possible – agnostic of venture-stage or fund-size.

SSUP has been started in 2017 by two INSEAD MBA students Akshay Goyle and Sebastien Barthelemy, supported by the Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE) and Digital@INSEAD.

‘SSUP! 3.0, edition 2019, is here!

This year, July 2019, INSEAD ‘SSUP! returns to you with four new teams taking on Europe and Asia. Amongst the cities, they are visiting Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, Amsterdam, Berlin. Look forward to more interviews, stories and content about the burgeoning start-up world!

Our four teams, 3bl – Triple Bottom Line, FTS, Pirate Equity and Link Asia, are bravely following in their footsteps, to make the tour even bigger this year! We aim to grow the SSUP network, connecting you, our cherished readers, with more exciting start-ups, whilst discovering some of the most trailblazing innovative work out there!

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