Welcome to ‘SSUP! 4.0

In 2020, INSEAD ‘SSUP! returns to you bigger, bolder and brighter! With eight teams taking on Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the virtual world we will demystify entrepreneurship this summer! Look forward to interviews, stories and content about the flourishing start-up world and its stakeholders all over the world.

Our eight teams are doing already a great job! Please discover:

  • Fintech and possible startup-corporate cooperation in the financial sector, Team Circuit Connector
  • Food innovation and packaging novelties, Hungry for Growth
  • New alternative technologies, Green Tech Explorer
  • Big corporates collaborating with startups with INSEAD impact (I-2)
  • Supplychain management and startups in the healthcare system, The Blue Team
  •  A comparison of the startup ecosystem of China, SEA and MENA as well as a first-of-its-kind video interview series of founders, The Hustlers
  • Startups in UK and Germany, a top VC company and a platform and structure that the future aspiring entrepreneur community at INSEAD can take advantage of Fuego Capital
  • Demystifying entrepreneurship and learn more about the end-to-end process of setting up and running early stage startups, Throne

We aim to grow the ‘SSUP! network, connecting you, our valued readers, with more exciting start-ups, whilst discovering some of the most mind-blowing innovative work out there!

You can also follow us best through LinkedIn and our blog here.

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