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2020 threw everyone off with the unprecedented pandemic lock-down. Various governments across the globe implemented circuit breaker approaches with stay-at-home orders and travel restriction measures. The team Circuit Connector was formed during the lockdown in Fontainebleau with the aspiration to connect the circuit of innovations and ignite ideas through online networking and offline visits when we could travel over the summer. 

We are inspired by the successful venture client model 27Pilots have implemented at BMW start-up garage and BSH start-up kitchen. With passions in the area of Financial Services, we want to explore whether the same venture client model would work for financial services industry – how best will big banks and corporations leverage start-ups solutions?  

Over the summer, we plan to interview and visit various eco-system players, including FinTech, start-ups, VCs, bank innovation centers and FinTech communities across the Europe to find out the answer.  

Looking forward to the journey ahead!  

Let’s explore together.

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