Welcome to ‘SSUP! 4.0

‘SSUP! is a INSEAD MBA student-led (ad)venture that aims to explore the top entrepreneurial hot-spots around Europe and Asia, to interview founders, angels and VCs – to liven-up the student-founder-investor network and also gain on-the-ground, local insights. We are keen to meet as many inspiring, ambitious individuals as possible – agnostic of venture-stage or fund-size.

‘SSUP! has been started in 2017 by two INSEAD MBA students Akshay Goyle and Sebastien Barthelemy, supported by digital@INSEAD, Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE), The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society (HGIBS), Career Development Centre (CDC).

For additional information, please see latest presentation to students.

To register, please fill in the application form.

Please note that we will accept applications until 17th April.

For late applications, please contact digital@insead.edu.

Good luck!

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