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Chapter 11 - Internet of Things Looking back at the beginning of our Startup Tour journey, with an objective to meet entrepreneurs utilizing disruptive technologies to improve Healthcare Supply Chains, we have covered Digital Health, AI and New Manufacturing technologies except for Internet of Things (IoT). We extend our gratitude to Simon Chizeck Andersen the... Continue Reading →

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After having met many entrepreneurs during my Summer Start-Up, I thought it would be great to depict the adventure as well as what triggers people to create new business ventures or join a start-up.  For people like me, who heard lots of successful entrepreneurial stories, I wrote this article to help you realizing some food for... Continue Reading →


After having visited many start-ups, Venture Capital and large corporates in the smart mobility environment, I would like to draw a picture of this ecosystem Worldwide, its stakeholders, the current innovation trends and the barriers to faster development.  A MIX OF INDUSTRY  The Smart Mobility World is a blend of different actors that are easy to... Continue Reading →

The Blue Team

CHAPTER 13. Farewell, until the next one... Cruising through Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin, we realised that we got much more than what we initially aimed for – we have received a first-hand knowledge on the opportunities for start-ups in supply chain in healthcare; we interviewed numerous exciting founders who set new trends, disrupt industries... Continue Reading →

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CHAPTER 12. Auf Wiedersehen Berlin We continued our German journey with a very interesting company with a successful entrepreneur of the German Startup Ecosystem: David Nothacker from Sennder.  Sennder is a digital road freight logistics partner when it comes to Full Truck Loads (FTL). As Europe’s leading forwarder, they offer their shippers access to their... Continue Reading →

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I have been visiting many start-ups since the beginning of July and I was surprised by the number of start-ups that was financed without any external support. In entrepreneurship class, Venture Capital and Business Angels are best practices and seem to be the norm. Reality is different… I made some research and quickly found out that... Continue Reading →

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One of the reasons that pushed me do this this summer start-up tour was that I had a business idea around smart mobility. I thought having a comprehensive system offer would make my product user-friendly and thus easier to sell. But after having met many start-ups, I realized that focus was one of the most common factors... Continue Reading →

The Blue Team

CHAPTER 10. Exploring Berlin I book my hotels online, my train or plane ticket and reserve my restaurant table online - so why not my doctor's appointment too?" This is what Samedi is providing you – the ability to book your doctor’s appointment as easily as booking a hotel room. It could seem a simple... Continue Reading →

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