TECH’S HER – Connecting the dots in the FemTech ecosystem – from Lab to Market, from West to East

After sitting down with 50 founders, investors, researchers, and activists, we identified three major patterns as we connect the dots: 1. Founders dilemma in data, digital, taboo Data data data! Founders generally face a lack of consumer data and research data. Though more and more legacy organizations such as FemTech Insider, FemTech Analytics and rising... Continue Reading →

TECH’s HER – FemTech, a $1.2T forgotten “Niche”

Women's health has historically been one of the most underdeveloped healthcare sectors analyzed by research and technology. The first women's health-focused organization, American Birth Control League (now Planned Parenthood), was founded in 1921. However, women are still not getting the proper solutions for their health issues. American Birth Control League from Studies in Feminist Activism Blog... Continue Reading →


At INSEAD, we learn how business can be used as a “Force for Good”. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship and a dream to start-up ourselves someday, my classmate, Gijs Wilbers, and I, Manasvi Srivastava, wanted to discover how entrepreneurs are using technology, particularly in the financial world, to disrupt the industry and positively impact... Continue Reading →

Healthtrekers – Validation activities in Healthcare startups

1       Validation Healthcare innovations constantly validate themselves across different parameters, not only from a clinical and patient standpoint (i.e., research and development), but also from payer and provider and feedback from the healthcare system more broadly (i.e., commercial). 1.1       What are the main validation activities? Traditionally, we define validation as means for an innovator to... Continue Reading →

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