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Hey everyone! We are team Search Sherpas, two MBAs from 21J class. Excited to share more about our Summer Start-up Tour with all of you!

Our tour

The focus of our tour is on acquisition entrepreneurship, mainly search funds and marketplace aggregators. We wanted to shine light on this growing and exciting path to entrepreneurship for current and future MBAs as post-MBA career option. We have travelled around Europe and interviewed various alumni and industry representatives, and summarized our takeaways in posts for your reading pleasure.

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition in the marketplace era

We first noticed marketplace aggregators through the lens of ETA, or entrepreneurship through acquisition. Watching this new type of consumer group emerge at rocket speed since last spring, we observed that many of the investing principles were similar to the strategies employed by search funds. In one critical way, the ecosystems also appeared similar: as with ETA, aggregators are built upon a bedrock of already-successful SME ventures that become partners to, create foundations for and de-risk their own development.

Search Sherpas shine light on search funds ecosystem in Europe!

Entrepreneurship journey is a lonely road filled with ups and downs such as rejections from investors, challenges in finding product market fit to acquiring your first paying customer or securing funding that hopefully will pay off hefty returns in few years. This journey in its traditional sense is not suited for everyone and unsurprisingly not many decide to pursue this path. Luckily this is not the only way to become an entrepreneur!

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