Green Tech Explorer

Michel Noujaim

INSEAD MBA Class of December 2020

Passionate of the Automotive industry and Green Tech, and driven by a business idea that I could potentially launch after graduation,  I will encounter start-ups, Vc’s, companies and administrations involved in the future of smart cities. I will visit green tech startups that focus on AI, IoT, e-mobility and resource management. My  goal is to learn from world-class entrepreneurs and to understand the mindset, experiences and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur.  Finally, I will share with you the vision of future innovations that will impact mobility in a medium-term. Due to Covid-19, my tour will principally be in Paris and through zoom which will enable me to go everywhere!


You might wonder why I have decided to title this article with an unfamiliar Japanese-like naming?
Here is the story behind.

LI-FI : Paris the city of lights?

How can LI-FI technology change smart mobility in bigs cities?

The entrepreneur mindset & experience

Discover who they are and what drives them ?

The smart mobility ecosystem

A summary of smart mobility trends and forces.


Bootstrapping: How to build a growth strategy with limited investment


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