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A shared interest in fashion, technology and start-ups brought together a ‘Tech Couture’ team of three incoming 22J INSEAD MBA students to explore the FashionTech industry during this summer. Aya Murr, Apeksha Gupta and I, Inna Kostyuk, have connected to be part of the INSEAD Summer Start-up Tour and learn about the industry’s start-up ecosystem we are passionate about. Having different backgrounds (Aya has a fashion investing background, Apeksha worked for several retail companies and in bridge to luxury space, and I have a background in technology management and implementation) and staying in different countries, our trio was determined to use the time before the studies to deep dive into what is happening in FashionTech. Our original idea was to meet with some companies in person, but due to the pandemic travel restrictions we did a 100% virtual tour. It proved to be very effective, as it allowed us to meet with the most interesting players of the industry regardless of where they were located.  

Supported by the INSEAD Summer Start-up Tour coordinators – Sandra El Dakkak, Project and Event Coordinator at Deputy Dean’s Office at INSEAD and Sebastien Barthélémy, Senior Innovation Fellow at INSEAD, our Tech Couture team connected with a coach Katia Kachan, founder of Anteros Founders, and Professor Brian Henry, Research Fellow at INSEAD, to get advice on our tour.

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