Seb, Vince and Aliya travelled Europe to pursue their healthcare focussed start-up tour this past July. They have been visiting Digital Health, Biotech and Medtech startups as well as investors and other players in the flourishing Healthcare entrepreneurial space.

Their main goal was to understand better the key factors that allow healthcare startups to turn their innovations into commercial successes.


Destinations: France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom

The reflections and insights below are not intended to be a checklist of activities or best practices to ensure commercial success, but more to provide an overview of various tactics that have been deployed to varying degrees of success. In those two articles, we focus on the key elements or activities in the life of a new business venture in Healthcare. For each of these, we provide a clear structure and example to synthesize what we have heard from the entrepreneurs and investors themselves

Source of innovation in Healthcare

Validation activities in Healthcare startups

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