3Belles in Paris

Paris: city of love, light.. and now "startup nation". Indeed, the innovation scene in France's capital is quickly proving itself to be more buzzworthy than fashion week.  A decade ago, the French government established a new business status making it simpler for startups to register ("the auto-entrepreneur"), and more financially appealing for startups to do... Continue Reading →

The fisher(wo)men of the future wear lab coats

Quick background on Shiok Meats… Shiok (“delicious and fantastic” in Malay/Singapore slang) Meats is taking on the global shellfish industry (shrimp, lobster, crab)… one petri-dish at a time. The startup – founded a mere 11 months ago – is the first cell-based food company in Singapore. With Singapore’s pledge to raise domestic food production from 10... Continue Reading →

Sustainability at Modefabriek

The team FTS joined Modefabriek, an inspiring fashion trade event based in Amsterdam where several fashion brands and professionals join in a setting where “P2P (People to People) is valued above B2B. We found an exciting mix of brands, from well-known labels to new designers reflecting the current fashion scene and in our pursuit of... Continue Reading →

Nordigen uses Open Banking to improve credit decisions in financial institutions and to benefit end consumers

Over the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about how Open Banking will transform the financial industry and help improve products for consumers. How can open APIs enable third-party developers to build services and apps around financial institutions that help users? The Open Banking space consists of three main parts: access to transaction data,... Continue Reading →

The “Tesla” of Food: the explosive growth of Impossible, and its grand ambition to save world by cutting out the cow

Quick background on Impossible…  Impossible is redefining how we make meat: without animals.  If you think about it, meat is really just the product of several key components: water, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates – including key vitamins, amino acids, minerals and iron. And all these can be sourced directly from plants (including “heme”, that critical ingredient... Continue Reading →

Are you buying sustainable fashion?

If you ask anyone whether they want to buy sustainable fashion - or sustainable products for that matter - the answer will most likely be "Yes!". However, how does this look like in practice? Personally, we find ourselves talking about sustainability a lot and then end up buying from a range of brands (that might... Continue Reading →

Timbeter – Using computer vision to log logs

Did you ever wonder how companies within the timber industry know the number of logs on a truck, let alone each log’s size and weight? Turns out, for most of the industry’s players, it still is a manual process. Therefore, weighing and measuring not only takes a lot of time but also results in significant inaccuracies e.g.... Continue Reading →

Estonia’s Biobank shows what you can unlock, when you unlock data

5 min read One of the things that sets Estonia’s tech ecosystem apart is its government’s extensive investment in digital infrastructure on which a host of services can be delivered, e.g. Digital Identity, which allows for online self-identification, digital signatures, and remote access to government services; Digital Health Records, which gives patients, doctors, and researchers easy access... Continue Reading →

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