#WheelsUp, Stop #1: Paris

Will Paris become the new startup hub in Europe?

A&S are now on the road to find out if culture really eats strategy for breakfast!

31 degrees, beer mugs clinking, a swarm of tourists permeating the streets, Despacito playing by the Seine, Macron making the planet great again, snazzy Station F thriving on the startup vibe, ‘SSUP has arrived in Paris!

With Brexit looming over Londres, opportunist Xavier Neil founded the world’s biggest startup campus, Station F, in arrondissement 13th, complete with giant neon coloured pillows and exposed pipes. Avidly supported by the French government’s French Tech Initiative, Paris is ready to kindle unicorns! With its evolving R&D capabilities boasting the launch of Facebook’s AI research center, germinating seed money and growth fund VC capital, its linguistic and economic ties with African markets – Paris is ready to be the new startup nation.

Over the next 8 weeks ‘SSUP will tour the top 5 European entrepreneurial hubs to bring you INSEAD alumni’s startup action hot off the press. ‘SSUP will interview INSEAD entrepreneurs, angels and VCs excelling across up & coming sectors such as agrotech, social impact, insuretech, online food delivery, AI, etc.

Please post all your burning questions in the comments section that you would like for us to include in future interviews.


Stay tuned #SsupInsead

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  1. How is the local start up scene making the world a safer place, especially in the wake of global security concerns?


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