With seven unicorns founded by Estonians and/or by a founding team based in Estonia, Tallinn rightfully claims to be a flourishing haven for budding startups. Yet most outside of the Baltics may have never heard of this Startup hub or its habit of churning out tech Unicorns. To uncover the secret behind the rapid growth... Continue Reading →

Corporate Innovation : Yesterday, today, tomorrow

What is innovation? To best understand innovation in the present age, we need to go back in time to the nineteenth century. At the time, the term “innovation” began taking root alongside science and industry, where its meaning was synonymous with ‘technical invention’. Then, in the mid-1900s, the common understanding evolved to “bringing a new... Continue Reading →

The Blue Team

CHAPTER 5. BENVENUTI IN ITALIA We will conquer the world but let’s first have a plate of burrata! This is our motto during the Italian phase of our tour, which we open with a visit in Milan - the city, internationally known mostly for food, fashion and design, but also as a developing centre of... Continue Reading →

AllĂ©gro into Entrepreneurship & Just3things

Team SaaSEAD's interview with Erinn Collier, CRO and Co-Founder at Just3things How many entrepreneurs do you know that started off as professional ballet dancers? Well, team SaasSEAD only knows one and that’s Erinn Collier, CRO and co-Founder at just3things, a unique platform that enables organizations to align cross-functionally and to work more efficiently by empowering teams to prioritize their most important goals. The platform addresses some key... Continue Reading →

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