Team 3BL – Singapore

Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up.

Lee Kuan Yew

We were grateful to kick off our tour in Singapore, one of the world’s most remarkable economic success stories. It is here we drew inspiration from the potential of business to transform communities: over the course of merely half a century, Singapore leveraged international markets and ultra-rational public policies to become one of the most prosperous nations per capita on earth.

Today, Singapore serves as a major hub and gateway for Asia’s rapid growth – production, consumption and innovation. Attracting companies and capital from east and west, Singapore is well positioned to influence sustainable business practices globally. And it is here we were able to get a glimpse into a growing sustainability ecosystem beginning to take shape: increasingly (and perhaps unsurprisingly given the government’s track record of enacting highly intelligent economic policies), Singapore’s government and startup sector has begun to take note of the importance of the triple bottom line (with a particular emphasis on profit and planet).

While we were in Singapore, we had the opportunity to meet with startups, scale-ups, NGOs and investors enabling innovations across the entire supply chain to create better ways to produce and consume meat, cool and heat where we live and work, package our goods, and connect the sustainability ecosystem.

Here’s a quick run-down of who we met:

…Stay tuned!

Make sure to follow our blog as we detail our learnings and key insights from all these fascinating players in the sustainability ecosystem. Over the upcoming week’s we’ll be publishing posts on our meetings with these companies in which we explore how they are purposing purpose and profit.

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