Southeast Asia: The Start-Up Ecosystem

As part of their summer break at INSEAD, Team SEACompass decided to travel around Southeast Asia to learn more about the up-and-coming startup ecosystem in the region. The team comprising Georgia Wynter, Vincent He, and Abhinav Lalam, three INSEAD MBA 22D students who traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They met up with over... Continue Reading →

Team Quokka in Western Australia

Team Quokka: Ian Yamaguchi and Matt Dodd Forming a plan  Matt and Ian have been mates since the start of INSEAD and both share an interest in tech and entrepreneurship. When we heard about SSUP early in the course, we were keen to get involved. While exploring options for our trip, a newly minted program... Continue Reading →

TECH’s HER – FemTech, a $1.2T forgotten “Niche”

By Kelly An Women's health has historically been one of the most underdeveloped healthcare sectors analyzed by research and technology. The first women's health-focused organization, American Birth Control League (now Planned Parenthood), was founded in 1921. However, women are still not getting the proper solutions for their health issues. American Birth Control League from Studies in... Continue Reading →

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