From Green to Blue Revolution – aquaculture’s ocean of opportunity 

What about the water? Seeking solutions under the sea  The mid 20th century witnessed a phenomenal breakthrough in agricultural technologies that saved 1 billion people from starvation.  The mid 21st century may be characterized by a similar breakthrough: not on land, but in sea – through advances in aquaculture technologies that will feed our growing population.   The ocean... Continue Reading →

3B_Elle in Amsterdam… Start with “why (not!?)”

Amsterdam offers a recipe for triple-bottom-line success. Once the "heart of capitalism", the Dutch capital now consistently ranks among the world's most sustainable and innovative cities. A long history of cultural and religious tolerance has shaped today's open, liberal mindset – less a "why?" and more a "why not?" kind of place.  Pair this culture with a... Continue Reading →

Small Robots, Big Yields: Precision Agriculture and the future of Farming as a Service (FaaS)

Quick background on Small Robot Company…   With crop productivity stagnant and farmland shrinking, how on earth are we going to feed 10 billion people by 2050?  Small robots. Why of course (!)  Founded two years ago, London-based AgriTech startup, Small Robot Company is building a fleet of nimble AI-powered übermachines that will increase crop yields by as much as 40% using fewer chemicals... Continue Reading →

The kitchen of the future: how Winnow is scaling food waste prevention to address a $1 trillion problem

Quick background on Winnow… Winnow is addressing a problem that literally weighs approximately 1.3 billion tonnes each year. That's over 4 times heavier than the weight of every person on earth combined.   What could possibly be that heavy?   The food wasted every year – or about one third of all food produced.  It's a $1 trillion problem globally, and $100 billion... Continue Reading →

Nature had only four seasons, the fifth is technology

Quick background on Five Seasons Ventures…  This Paris-based VC focused on foodtech can only be described as prescient.  With the breakout success of companies like Beyond Meat (which had the most successful IPO since the 2008 recession), it seems everyone has wanted a piece of the sizzling foodtech scene in the past six months.  Three years ago, the founders of Five... Continue Reading →

Driving down carbon emissions: how BlaBlaCar’s model reduces its environmental footprint by increasing its profits

Quick background on BlaBlaCar…  Before INSEAD had officially adopted the slogan "Force for Good", Frédéric Mazzella and Nicolas Brusson were wandering the storied of halls of our school's Fontainebleau campus scheming how to launch a transportation solution that was at once more efficient, convenient and connected.  The two went on to launch BlaBlaCar, a global... Continue Reading →

3Belles in Paris

Paris: city of love, light.. and now "startup nation". Indeed, the innovation scene in France's capital is quickly proving itself to be more buzzworthy than fashion week.  A decade ago, the French government established a new business status making it simpler for startups to register ("the auto-entrepreneur"), and more financially appealing for startups to do... Continue Reading →

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