The “Tesla” of Food: the explosive growth of Impossible, and its grand ambition to save world by cutting out the cow

Quick background on Impossible…  Impossible is redefining how we make meat: without animals.  If you think about it, meat is really just the product of several key components: water, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates – including key vitamins, amino acids, minerals and iron. And all these can be sourced directly from plants (including “heme”, that critical ingredient... Continue Reading →

The take-away of the business of takeaway: sustainability is a key ingredient in Deliveroo’s strategy

Quick background on Deliveroo... Deliveroo is a quintessential start-up success story. Founded in London back in 2013, the company offers fast and reliable food delivery which customers can track on their phones. Globally, Deliveroo’s operations span 14 markets and 500 towns and cities with a fleet of 60,000 riders. Deliveroo believes that great food shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Team 3BL – Singapore

Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up.Lee Kuan Yew We were grateful to kick off our tour in Singapore, one of the world's most remarkable economic success stories. It is here we drew inspiration from the potential of business to transform communities: over the course of merely half a... Continue Reading →

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