The Blue Team

Chapter 11 – Internet of Things

Looking back at the beginning of our Startup Tour journey, with an objective to meet entrepreneurs utilizing disruptive technologies to improve Healthcare Supply Chains, we have covered Digital Health, AI and New Manufacturing technologies except for Internet of Things (IoT).

We extend our gratitude to Simon Chizeck Andersen the Co-Founder of 3 startups, for providing us time off his busy schedule to discuss how Beabubs, his latest venture, utilizes IoT to provide Innovative Asset Management Solutions for Healthcare, Production and Warehousing Facilities.

Hospitals have thousands of assets to track and maintain, failure to track these assets result in increased waste and downtime, restricted patient flow, decreased quality of care, poor employee productivity, and financial losses. At critical times such as COVID-19 pandemic efficient asset management plays a vital role in saving lives as it ensures healthcare staff utilize their time more efficiently in attending to patients than trying to locate vital assets such as equipment or blood packs. Moreover, Effective Asset Management would eliminate requirements of reordering misplaced assets

Beabubs a semi-finalist in Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs, utilizes IoT and SaaS platform to help businesses optimize processes, track and monitor critical and important assets in real-time and gather vital insight through big data. Moreover, it enables Healthcare facilities to manage patient flow after the admission process as well as monitoring the environmental conditions vaccines and blood packs are exposed to.

Simon’s advice to aspiring Entrepreneurs?

  • Stay Focused: Startups have limited resources hence the founders should ensure the resources are focused on the most important goals
  • Ensure early in the process the team is right: The team members should provide the right combination of skillsets and should have the right mindset
  • Have the right mindset: The start-up journey is a tough road and entrepreneurs should be passionate about the solutions they are pursuing
  • Pick your Battles

Stay tuned for our next article about the insights Simon has provided us about IoT and how it will transform cities to Smart Cities…

For further information Simon could be reached on,

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