Exits and Existential Problems

Entrepreneurship can be a passion, but only a select few are able to make it a sustainable profession. SaaSEAD had the pleasure of speaking with serial successful entrepreneur Yann Lechelle, now the COO of Snips https://snips.ai, a decentralized voice assistant platform that brings the convenience of voice technology without sacrificing your privacy. Private by Design... Continue Reading →

AmberScript: Why take notes manually when a state-of-the-art technology can transcribe your audio automatically

Team SaaSEAD's interview with Peter-Paul founder and CEO of AmberScript and an INSEAD alumni class of '17 July Located at Venture Builders in Amsterdam, AmberScript uses state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to quickly transcribe your audio automatically. Basically, the technology is composed of 2 parts, the first part is the speech to text engine, which automatically transforms your audio to text in 29 languages. The second is an... Continue Reading →

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