‘SSUP 2022: EdTech in Focus

This year’s Summer Start-up Tour ‘SSUP! kicked off in June for the fourth year in a row. Each year, the Hoffmann Institute collaborates with ‘SSUP! students to support INSEAD MBA students touring global start-up ecosystems to learn from entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of business and walk-the-talk in their own impact projects. In 2022, the... Continue Reading →

Digital, Gaming, Blockchain and Fashion?

Thursday last week we spent the entire day exploring Fashion Tech Conference in Berlin. It is an event solely focussing on the intersection of Tech and Fashion organised by Premium Group who is also organising the two fairs NEONYT and Premium. The conference showcased a number of new tech innovations in fashion that aim to push... Continue Reading →

On the road to 8 Roads

Team SaaSEAD's interview with Asheque Shams at 8 Roads Capital Advisors After a race against time from Brussels to London, we made it in time for our meeting with Asheque Shams at 8 Roads Capital Advisors. As team SaaSEAD walked towards the meeting room, we couldn’t help but notice the slick and minimal design of the office. Open working spaces where you could visibly see the teams... Continue Reading →

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