The Blue Team

CHAPTER 13. Farewell, until the next one…

Cruising through Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin, we realised that we got much more than what we initially aimed for – we have received a first-hand knowledge on the opportunities for start-ups in supply chain in healthcare; we interviewed numerous exciting founders who set new trends, disrupt industries and bridge gaps; we understood that with Covid -19, strategic sourcing and the agility of the supply chain have become much more valuable and startups in that business succeed by offering unique approaches in conventional sectors to battle incumbents. Probably the most important lesson we learnt is that being an Entrepreneur demands a strong love for the work you’re doing. The drive is deeply personal and no matter where you find it, it is often an integral part of what keeps you going when times get tough.
Key takeaway is that now is a great time to become an Entrepreneur! Money is here, opportunities are here, so if your heart is into something, go for it!
We want to give special thanks to Ridhima Aggarwal and Professor Stephen Chick for all the support, for letting us be part of INSEAD SSUP 2020 initiative that let us feel the passion and excitement of the startup founders we met! We officially converted and became believers that entrepreneurship is our next professional step so hopefully in a few years you will read the post of another startup tour team featuring our projects!

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