The Blue Team

CHAPTER 8. Cycling through the Netherlands

It’s been more than 3 weeks since we kicked off our start up tour and we’ve been to Paris, Milan, and now Amsterdam before heading to our last stop in Berlin. We were lucky enough to have met a lot of cool companies and entrepreneurs on the way. Each one of us in the team had a different goal of what we wanted to get out of this tour. One of us wanted to learn more about the healthcare industry, one of us was interested in study supply-chain dynamics, one just wanted to network and look for opportunities to collaborate in future and another wanted to understand the startup eco-system in Europe, besides traveling off course. 

One common thing we all enjoyed has been interviewing our “tour guests”. The first one we have met in Amsterdam is Arjan de Jong from Vattenfall: he shared with us his navigated experience in supply chain and went through the different dynamics that you can encounter when dealing with these issues. We also discussed potential solutions and innovations to the current bottlenecks and for sure the increase visibility in the up-stream and down-stream operations has come up as a solution for which machine learning and predicting can give a significant boost.

Our second meeting in the Dutch startup ecosystem was with Olga Chumakova from BeSure. BeSure is a startup that uses data from variable medical devices and creates real time analytics and clinical support for cardiac implications. This allows us for personalised healthcare plans and delivery and ultimately mitigation through contacting patients preemptively.

BeSure is one of the startups that we have come across that has managed to adapt to the new reality of COVID and change their product offering as a response. Currently they are offering an analytical solution for remote monitoring, which helps healthcare providers with inpatient care. This successful form of remote recovery monitoring is In-pilot phase in France, Spain, and Germany. This has a strong potential to really alleviate the pressure off the medical system and possibly strong reductions of treatment costs for patients with stroke risks. Other applications are for most cardiac diseases and complications, all types of arrhythmia and possibly diabetics monitoring. We see a great potential for this product to improve the quality and the cost of treatment and we are excited to follow their journey!

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