The Blue Team

CHAPTER 6. The age of personalised care

Our journey in Italy continues to live up to our high expectations. Italian startups in healthtech seem to be at the forefront of disrupting technology within the healthcare supply chain through reshaping and customizing both the manufacturing and the delivery of healthcare. 

Our first inspirational discussion with one of the most promising players in the Italian start-up/scale-up healthcare ecosystem. A part of the Endeavor family, we are presenting you Pharmap, led by Giuseppe Mineo and Giulio Lo Nardo – a healthcare provision service which main focus (for now) is delivering medications, including prescribed ones, to your door steps.

By partnering with posting/delivering companies they managed to resolve the biggest challenge of buying and receiving prescribed medications online in Europe – logistics and regulatory hurdles.

Their main clients are the Pharmacists who trust Pharmap to deliver the medication you need in an hour if requested. During Covid crisis Pharmap increased its deliveries from 500 to 3000 per day and currently they are expanding all around Europe (including Spain, France and Germany). Good luck Giuseppe and Giulio and hope to see you soon in our local markets!

Our second meeting was with Multiply labs, that are delivering a much needed product which simplifies both the manufacturing and improves the consumption of medication. Multiply Labs provides personalised drugs enabled by robots. We had the pleasure to interview the founder and CEO Fred Parietti who walked us through their business model and how they are revolutionising the healthcare supply chain. Multiply Labs is bringing the future to our homes, through creating on demand capsules based on personalised prescriptions. We are still fascinated by how their robots operate!

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