The Blue Team

CHAPTER 4. Adieu Paris…

Starting our tour last week was one of the most exciting moments at INSEAD. The prospects of meeting great entrepreneurs and founders was very thrilling. Our journey began in Paris with a visit to Station F one of the largest entrepreneurial hubs in the world which only made the journey more exciting. The rest of the week was spent exploring the French entrepreneurial ecosystem, from startups, investors to VCs. On our journey we discovered that innovation in healthcare can take many forms, from a startups trying to reinvent supply chain planning to startups improving diagnostics through machine learning.

We were very pleased to meet Jean-Baptiste Clouard who has a strong vision for the future of supply chain, automate the replenishment of goods to allow companies to focus on strategic operations. With a strong value propositions, Flowlity aims to solve problem of bad inventory management and reduce shortages and waste by 50%. We see great impact for this startup and similar ones on healthcare industry!

We ended the week, with one of the most exciting startups in the healthcare sphere and a meeting with Robert Baldwin, 19D who is leading Imageens. This innovative AI clinical support tool streamlines the hospital ecosystem and improves clinical decision support. The software leads to high cost savings in the pre-operatory settings and better decisions to avoid complications down the line, streamlining the downstream healthcare supply chain.

Paris means a lot of things to a lot of people, the city of love, of fashion, of croissants, of literature, of freedom. For us, Paris didn’t disappoint this week as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship and closing the week with two great interviews enforced over and again the notion.

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