The Blue Team

CHAPTER 2. Station F

We feel on top of the world with our first physical visit at Station F! Armed with facemasks, hand sanitizers and baguette under our arms we were ready to conquer the world.

What better place to start our start-up tour then the world’s biggest start-up coworking space – Station F!!!

Backed by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza, this mammothian center of innovation (5 51000 sq meters) hosts more than 1,000 startups. Some of the largest companies in the world house their incubators here. This unique model allows corporates to get access to innovative startups, while offering startups the support and the mentorship they need to scale.

We have been hosted by Stephane Lederle, the amazing coordinator of INSEAD LaunchPad – the first alumni start-up accelerator – who told us everything about how to ‘secure a desk’ at Launchpad and what INSEAD offers the young entrepreneurs in their quest for success. 

We sensed the French vibe when for lunch we did not grab a sandwich but went to La Felicità – the open to everyone Station F restaurant with mind-blowing cuisine. Who says that entrepreneurs have to live measurably… 

Station F is putting everything you need in the same space so you don’t ever have to leave the building! And why would you, we definitely struggled to say ‘Goodbye’.

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