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We are Team INSEAD Impact or Team I-2 (award for most creative name goes to us)! The members of the team hail from different parts of the world but we all share a common passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

This summer we are partnering with 27 Pilots, an organisation based out of Munich, Germany. 27 Pilots works with corporate firms and helps them establish a ‘Venture Client’ unit that helps the corporate firm engage with innovative startups as a venture client. The venture client model is an alternate to traditional corporate venture capital and corporate accelerators. It helps firms seek innovative solutions from startups to their business problems without entering into complex arrangements such as equity ownership and intellectual property sharing.

We are mainly focused on understanding how a leading global constructions material manufacturer, Lafarge Holchim, works with startups around the world through its venture client unit, LH Startup Maqer ( We are looking forward to meeting some interesting entrepreneurs working on high tech projects for an otherwise low tech industry!

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