IKIGAI – Green Tech Explorer

You might wonder why I have decided to title this article with an unfamiliar Japanese-like naming? Here is the story behind. Start-up is not only rewarding and satisfying, but also a stressful and an uncomfortable situation where you will have to deal with many uncertainties and face many challenges. Entrepreneurship is a life learning experience... Continue Reading →

Tropicfeel: Building a Sustainable Fashion Brand…Starting with Crowdfunding

Sustainability is integral to the mission of Tropicfeel, a travel-wear brand founded in 2017 and located in Barcelona.  A young company with limited resources, Tropicfeel strives to manufacture its products as sustainably as possible.  It addresses and quantifies sustainability unlike any other apparel brand that we met during the Summer Startup Tour.  First, Tropicfeel attempted... Continue Reading →

AI empowering Education: Squirrel AI Learning

When we started to source EdTech companies, Squirrel AI learning came first to our shortlist, this biggest adaptive learning system is the best application scenario of AI technology in Education, which is also the only AI-powered adaptive education provider being able to create and imbed their own-designed content. Gratefully, the founder of Squirrel AI learning,... Continue Reading →

Sustainability at Modefabriek

The team FTS joined Modefabriek, an inspiring fashion trade event based in Amsterdam where several fashion brands and professionals join in a setting where “P2P (People to People) is valued above B2B. We found an exciting mix of brands, from well-known labels to new designers reflecting the current fashion scene and in our pursuit of... Continue Reading →

Nordigen uses Open Banking to improve credit decisions in financial institutions and to benefit end consumers

Over the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about how Open Banking will transform the financial industry and help improve products for consumers. How can open APIs enable third-party developers to build services and apps around financial institutions that help users? The Open Banking space consists of three main parts: access to transaction data,... Continue Reading →

Are you buying sustainable fashion?

If you ask anyone whether they want to buy sustainable fashion - or sustainable products for that matter - the answer will most likely be "Yes!". However, how does this look like in practice? Personally, we find ourselves talking about sustainability a lot and then end up buying from a range of brands (that might... Continue Reading →

Timbeter – Using computer vision to log logs

Did you ever wonder how companies within the timber industry know the number of logs on a truck, let alone each log’s size and weight? Turns out, for most of the industry’s players, it still is a manual process. Therefore, weighing and measuring not only takes a lot of time but also results in significant inaccuracies e.g.... Continue Reading →

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